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NotaryTRADE forms a business blockchain infrastructure that is not controlled by any person, entity or authority. Instead, NotaryTRADE is designed to run on an automated server Blockchain which is entirely owned by its clients and orchestrated by a Cooperative of users.

Once it is fully operational, the Notary Trade INK issued through the Automated Smart Contract Blockchain cannot be destroyed or manipulated by anyone. INK is the internal utility unit of the Notary Trade unit and used to write to the ledger, much like ink is traditionally used by Notaries to record transactions.

NotaryTRADE is based on Free Software / Open Source Software as recognised by the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and Open Source Initiative (OSI). The NotarySERVER software may also contain third party components under compatible licensing.

Even if there was an attempt to shut down NotaryTRADE’s servers, anyone can purchase and add new servers to the network. NotaryTRADE then automatically copies its NTC ledger with all coin transactions to the new server so everyone can verify their existence by checking the ledger.

NotaryTRADE  is designed to automatically verify that newly added servers meet its technical and security requirements.


Ecosystem Governance:

The Notary Trade Cooperative

The Notary Trade Cooperative (in founding) will be a Swiss registered cooperative for all participants in the Notary Trade Ecosystem, including users, investors, lawyers, notaries and institutions, such as Lykke, Smart Valor, Swiss banks and anyone else with a need for hyperscale blockchain capacity with built-in KYC & AML requirements, privacy protection, and legally and technically guaranteed decentralisation, neutrality and security. The Notary Trade Cooperative will manage the Loyalty Rewards Programme through which the Notary Trade Coin, a utility token for usage of capacity and services, is being issued. The design of the cooperative, and the mechanics of the utility token will ensure price stability and guaranteed scaling of capacity with demand.

Website: NotaryTRADE.IO


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Software and Servers:

Vereign AG

Vereign AG, Kolinplatz 10, 6300 Zug, Switzerland.

Trade register no: CHE-240.299.384 VAT no: <in registration>

Vereign AG is the vendor of NotarySERVER hard- and software.

Vereign stands for “Verified & Sovereign” – because our technologies allow verification and elevated levels of trust and make our users sovereign. Vereign AG is currently working on the prototype for the Notary Server and supporting the Notary Trade Cooperative during its creation in preparation of the Capacity Generating Event.

Website: TBA

Media contact:

Georg Greve



NotaryTRADE.IO has been created by the Vereign AG, Zug on behalf of and in trusteeship for the Notary Trade Cooperative in founding.
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