The Automated Smart Contract Blockchain

NotaryTRADE is a decentralised exchange that is not controlled by any person, entity or authority. Instead, NotaryTRADE is designed to run on an automated server Blockchain which is entirely owned by its clients.

Once it is fully operational, the NotaryTRADE Coins (“NTC”) issued through the Automated Smart Contract Blockchain cannot be destroyed or manipulated by anyone. NTC is designed to prevent any external influence to assure its continued existence. Only NTC holders can transfer their coins to other coin holders. Coin holders can also trade coins for other crypto or government-issued currencies at market-based exchange rates.

NotaryTRADE is based on Free Software / Open Source Software as recognised by the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and Open Source Initiative (OSI). The NotarySERVER software may also contain third party components under compatible licensing.

Even if there was an attempt to shut down NotaryTRADE’s servers, anyone can purchase and add new servers to the network. NotaryTRADE then automatically copies its NTC ledger with all coin transactions to the new server so everyone can verify their existence by checking the ledger.

NotaryTRADE  is designed to automatically verify that newly added servers meet its technical and security requirements.


Client Representation:

The Notary & Client Consortium

The Notary Consortium is a Swiss association of Law and Notary offices that offer clients notarisation of peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency transactions on client-owned Blockchain servers with full AML compliance.

The Client Consortium is a Swiss association of NotaryTRADE Coin (NTC) clients that manages the creation of “Smart Notary Agreements” on the NotaryTRADE server Blockchain — a decentralised and fully automated system for purchasing servers, paying for colocation facilities and services, and for distributing server revenue to clients. NTC coin holders may exchange their coins directly with each other or they can exchange them into other cryptocurrencies or government-issued FIAT currencies at market-based exchange rates.

The Notary & Client Consortium is the Swiss umbrella association for the Notary Consortium and the Client Consortium that represents the joint interests of both member organisations.

Website: NotaryTRADE.IO


Media contact:

Georg Greve


Software and Servers:

Kolab Systems AG

Journalists, attorneys, and entrepreneurs have been entrusting their most sensitive data to Kolab Systems for years. Kolab Systems provides the secure Kolab collaborative suite to large companies, Application Service Providers (ASPs), governments, SMEs, and individuals. With Kolab, users increase their productivity and security while simultaneously safeguarding their agility, allowing them to collaborate in confidence.

Kolab’s ever-expanding range of services includes email, calendars, files, tasks, notes, address books, and more. Kolab’s Enterprise professional services core team is made up by highly qualified system experts that help users get the most out of their IT solutions and will handle even the most advanced deployment scenarios.

Kolab Systems is a purely Swiss business with a European team and offices in various countries. All of Kolab’s infrastructure and data is held exclusively in Switzerland, including its own Software as a Service / Cloud offering, “Kolab Now”. Kolab is the professional partner for enterprise services backed by Swiss privacy laws. Get in touch and let Kolab help you to collaborate with confidence.

Website: KolabSystems.com

Media contact:

Paul Brown



Kolab Systems AG is the vendor of NotarySERVER hard- and software.

Kolab Systems AG, Hagenholzstr. 83b, 8050 Zürich, Switzerland.
Trade register no: CH- VAT no: CHE-115.488.846

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