Initial Coin Offering
Six plus One Reasons to Reserve Now
#1: Security for assets

Cryptocurrencies are purely virtual. As such cryptocoins are very easily stolen and lost. We have all heard tales of people who have experienced loss of valuables: laptops, cameras and money. And while wallets may be returned and credit cards have insurance, when it comes to cryptocoins, if you lose access, they’re gone forever.

NotaryTRADE is the first cryptocurrency to introduce a safety net, a network of lawyers and notaries sworn to protect your interests. They will add security to the transactions of your choice, will protect your privacy and will restore your control over your own accounts in case of foul play.

#2: Authenticity for investments and ICOs

Cryptocurrencies provide flexible and easy-to-launch investment opportunities, allowing startups and companies to quickly raise funds without intermediaries. Investors enjoy the ability to invest and divest in uniquely flexible ways. At the same time, the principles of privacy and anonymity built into cryptocurrencies, along with lack of verification of the investment provide their own challenges. There is an urgent, growing need for a trusted space for cryptocurrency business.

NotaryTRADE is that space, protecting privacy and anonymity, while offering levels of security and authentication that no other cryptocurrency can offer today.

#3: Paying by email, with privacy

Email is the most technologically neutral, federated system for lasting text based communication in the world. By 2019 there will be over 246 billion messages per day. Kolab is a leader in secure email and, thanks to a diverse ecosystem of participants, email security is increasing continuously. Email sent between users on two well-run secure providers will enjoy levels of privacy that are higher than offered by credit cards, swift payments and even some cryptocurrency transfers.

However, transferring cryptocoins is currently much more complicated and requires more infrastructure and know how than just sending someone an attachment in an email.

NotaryTRADE is changing that by turning transfers into attachments that can be sent to any email address in the world. For NotaryTRADE users, the process will be automatic and will come at no additional cost. For everyone else, collecting the payment in NotaryTRADE Coins (NTC) or in any other crypto or governmentally issued currency will be quick and convenient.

#4: Your digital safe

Your most important contracts, valuables, documents of personal nature are typically all stored in a bank vault or with your notary. Digital documents do not enjoy this kind of security to date. Encryption is complex and hard to use, backups get lost and may result in accidental disclosure, lack of backups may result in loss of data. The cloud solutions that offer these kinds of services are always under someone else’s control, and their motivation is not aligned with yours in a lot of critical cases. Self-hosting is often promoted as a solution, but in reality the technical and IT security know how required to safeguard personal information well nearly always goes far beyond the average user’s competence. Even IT professionals usually do not have the time and patience required to maintain their own data safely at home.

NotaryTRADE turns this around by giving you full ownership of your NotarySERVER, ensuring it is using the best technology, hosted to the highest security standards, with top IT security professionals monitoring it 24/7. It is your server, and the data centre, managed services company and security team become your contracted agents. This increases security for everyone, both legally and technically.

A combination of hardware upkeep and redundancy will ensure high reliability of your server. In addition, backups are made unnecessary by the option to store encrypted fragments of your data across the network with levels of redundancy you choose and for which you compensate others. Simultaneously you can choose to store encrypted fragments of data from other NotaryTRADE users, receiving compensation from them in return.

#5: Notarized Time Capsule management

In the physical world there are some things you will often want to leave in the hands of your notary or lawyer, such as sensitive personal documents, keys to bank boxes containing valuables, and so on. Like that, the legal professional of your choice can deal with succession procedures, or can hold documents for journalists or whistleblowers that are to be made public at a later date or when certain circumstances occur. Up until now there has been nothing even vaguely similar in the digital world.

NotaryTRADE allows you to define what we call "Notarized Time Capsules". These are bundles of encrypted digital assets and files of any kind. Files can be documents, images, videos, and key and access tokens for online services -- think usernames and passwords to payment platforms, social media, etc. These are often as valuable as physical objects and the kind of things you will want your lawyer or notary to keep safe and pass on.

Your trusted legal professional will work with you to define this capsule. Together you will determine the criteria, which can then execute automatically, or upon manual confirmation of events by a designated third party, typically your lawyer or notary.

#6: Regulation ready

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are going to disrupt most sectors of finance and economy in ways that are slowly becoming apparent. Projections in banking giants are seeing up to 80% of their revenue disappear in just a couple of years. And increasingly, criminals have discovered cryptocurrencies for their purposes. Much like the Internet became the subject of regulation, cryptocurrencies are going to find themselves drawn into the international regulatory frameworks. When that happens, entire cryptocurrencies may become illegal or disappear virtually overnight.

NotaryTRADE has been carefully crafted to be compliant with existing regulations, including Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) provisions. We based this upon a plethora of legal and financial services experience within our team and advisory board. You will find all that reflected in our FAQ and the NotaryTRADE Loyalty and Rewards Programme. Together with our team, advisors and partners we will work with all relevant authorities in order to maintain full compliance while protecting your privacy and making available the enormous benefits of the blockchain economy.

From this perspective, NotaryTRADE may be the safest cryptocurrency to hold.

#7: NTC Bonus during pre-ICO

Provided NotaryTRADE succeeds (for an overview of risks, please see NotaryTRADE Coin Loyalty Rewards Programme) and even if NotaryTRADE Coin (NTC) are traded only at nominal price: The moment NTC are being traded you may have made up to 50% profit on your investment. With success of NTC in the market, that margin may go up further. And you can keep your NTC and bonus from the pre-ICO even if you choose not to also execute your NotarySERVER reservation later.

How can I contact you if I have additional questions?

Please send your question by email to ICO@NotaryTRADE.IO

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