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Sébastien Fanti
Chairman, The Notary Trade Cooperative

Sébastien Fanti is a lawyer, notary and the Data Protection Commissioner of the Canton of Valais. He is a leading expert on ICT law, procurement and data protection and was the first to publish on the legality of notaries accepting cryptocurrency in payment for their services. He has been at the forefront of the modernisation of notary practice and adoption of digital technologies for many years.

Georg C. F. Greve
Co-Founder & President, Vereign AG

Georg Greve is an entrepreneur and strategist for Open Technologies. He is currently co-founder and president of the board at Vereign AG in the Cryptovalley in Zug. Prior to this, he was co-founder, CEO and president of the board at Kolab Systems AG. As a founding president of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), he consulted Google, the European Commission and various governments. In 2009 he received the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon for his work for Open Standards and Free Software. Today Georg is excited about the transformative potential of Blockchain technologies and looks forward to the success of the NotaryTRADE network.

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Georg C. F. Greve Co-Founder & President, Vereign AG

Dear friend of NotaryTRADE.IO,

More than 33 years ago, I’ve discovered the fascination of technology, and had the privilege of growing up at a time when technology was an open field in which human curiosity and creativity were the limit. As a software developer I used machine language to routinely do things that even the hardware designers had not considered possible or anticipated. Having been involved in some of the predecessors of today’s Internet, computers and networks were a determining factor of my life all throughout my studies to my interdisciplinary Diploma thesis as a Physicist working with the computer science department.

When in 1992 I discovered Linux and the philosophy of software freedom, it increasingly became clear to me that the rules of tomorrow’s society will be written in code and governed by the economic and organisational structures around it. So in 2000, together with a group of like minded people, I founded the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) and as its founding president built it into an international organisation. Together we built a self sustaining structure that shapes the social, economic and political process of making educated choices about control in technology. Enabling the European Commission in wrestling essential interoperability out of Microsoft, building the largest global network of Open Source legal experts in technology, shaping policy decisions at the United Nations, educating future politicians and economic decision makers all work toward this original purpose.

My next challenge found me in 2009, leading to the creation of Kolab Systems AG in 2010, a company with the mission to bring confidence back into collaboration. Humanity is capable of great things, and our ability to communicate and collaborate is what binds us together and allows us to do so. That is why for me it was a strong necessity to have technology that is open, secure, private and under the control of its users to do just that. At a time when the largest companies derive their value from wholesale surveillance of their user base in order to serve their customers – the governments and others with interest and means in people’s innermost thoughts and activities – the need for Kolab has never been greater.

Simultaneously, Satoshi Nakamoto changed the world in ways that address another fundamental aspect of what enables and empowers humanity to flourish: Our ability to share labour, including with people we do not know, by means of attaching a value to our work that can be transferred, shared, even stored. The invention of money allowed for specialisation, for collaboration with people we do not even know through trade and other intermediaries. In my eyes, blockchain is to currency what Open Source is to software, the ultimate disruption for a more self-determined, more educated, more empowered, more free society.

Helping to build a better society built on values of liberty, democracy, education and cooperation is what I have built my entire career of 20+ years on. And to me, there is nothing more exciting, and nothing more important that I could be doing with my life. So when you are looking at Kolab, when  you explore what we are building with NotaryTRADE.IO and all the activities around it, you are looking at the practical implications of this desire to shape this change with other, like-minded people.

Because there is no limit to what we can achieve together I hope to hear from you, to engage, discuss, cooperate – and do awesome, relevant things!


Georg C. F. Greve
Claus Bressmer
Co-Founder & Board Vereign AG

Claus Bressmer is a co-founder and on the board of Vereign AG in the Cryptovalley in Zug. Claus is a senior executive formerly with the market expansion services group DKSH. Based in Asia for more than 12 years, he led the marketing and distribution operations of the Technology business unit in the South East Asian region. As a private investor, quantitative analyst and algorithmic trading enthusiast, he has focused on researching and developing electronic trading systems for currency markets for more than 9 years.

Dr. Felix Greve
Co-Founder & Board Vereign AG

Felix Greve is a co-founder and on the board of Vereign AG. His background is as a German lawyer and experienced legal counsel specialised in computer technology and well versed in IT, e-Commerce, data protection, distribution and general private (international) law. With his background of working for a world wide operating logistics company, Felix is excited to work on new questions at the intersection of IT, communications and trade that NotaryTRADE.IO will be representing.

Pete Herzog
Security & Identity

Pete Herzog is a security analyst and tactician. He is the co-founder of the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies (ISECOM), a non-profit security research lab developing projects 10-15 years ahead of the security industry. Known as "the man who made a million hackers" for creating the OSSTMM, the most widely used hacking methodology for security testing and analysis, and Hacker Highschool, a program to teach teens cybersafety and cybersecurity. Pete's specialty focuses on authentication, identity, and trust, where he applies a deep understanding of fraud and theft to improving this area of security.

Giles Vincent
UI/UX & Brand

Giles is our design guru. Kolab and our clients all benefit from his award winning UX/UI and 20 years global branding experience.

Paul Brown

Paul Brown has been writing and editing magazines, books, blogs, social media posts, and press releases for over twenty years. He is the Communications Officer at Kolab Systems and only works for companies and NGOs that produce and defend Free Software.


No team is ever complete. If you are as fascinated by what we are doing, and would like to be a part of it, please let us know.


Advisory Board
Elana Broitman
Director, New America NYC

Elana Broitman is an attorney in the U.S., licensed to practice in New York and Washington, D.C. She is director of New America NYC and has served as the deputy assistant secretary in the Office of Manufacturing & Industrial Base Policy in the Department of Defense and as a senior advisor to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), having spent time in a technology company, with prior service as counsel to the House International Relations Committee. Elana brings philanthropic experience, having worked as senior vice president at UJA-Federation. Elana's work has focused on cybersecurity, national security, human rights, and refugee issues. During her career she has worked with bitcoin startups, helping them understand regulatory responsibilities. Elana has also worked with regulators on anti-money laundering and sanctions policies, and will contribute that expertise to help NotaryTRADE anticipate and avoid potential issues.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Kuhn
Professor of Operations Research at the College of Management of Technology at EPFL

Daniel Kuhn is a professor of operations research at EPFL, where he holds the Chair of Risk Analytics and Optimization. Before joining EPFL, he was a faculty member at Imperial College London (2007-2013) and a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University (2005-2006). He received a PhD in Economics from the University of St. Gallen in 2004 and an MSc in Theoretical Physics from ETH Zurich in 1999. His research interests revolve around business analytics and decision-making under uncertainty.

Charles-H. Schulz
Expert at ANSSI & Director, Open Information Security Foundation

Charles-H. Schulz (The “H” letter standing for his second name “Henri”) is a French technologist, Free Software advocate and cybersecurity expert. A long time member to the OpenOffice project and a founder of the Document Foundation, home of the LibreOffice project, he also contributed to the development and adoption of the OpenDocument Format standard through the company he co-founded, Ars Aperta.A former director of the OASIS Consortium he was engaged in various digital public policy debates at the European level. Charles-H. Schulz is working as an expert at ANSSI, the French cybersecurity agency and he is one of the directors of the Open Information Security Foundation.

Hans de Raad
CEO, OpenNovations

Hans de Raad is a specialist in healthcare and pharma. He is currently chairman of the ICT committee of the Dutch Association for Research and Quality Assurance in healthcare and pharma and a member of the ICT committee of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth. OpenNovations is a partner of ENISA, DARQA, ISPE, IsfTeh, ETSI, CIP and OWASP and Hans is frequently invited as speaker at various ICT / security related conferences, trainings and other events. Experience domains are primarily in compliance and computerized systems architecture, development and validation in pharmaceutical enterprises, healthcare organizations. Besides that he has broad professional experience in the education and governmental work domains. OpenNovations services a wide range of companies with organizational profiles ranging from startups / SME's to multinationals and ministries. As senior ICT architect with a background in security and compliancy he works as a consultant in project management, ethical hacking/security penetration testing, organizational coaching, software developer training, and various other functions between the specialized ICT departments and the business operation.

James Donaldson
CEO, Copperhead

James Donaldson is a passionate hacker originating from Toronto, Canada with fine-tuned specializations in operational security, community outreach and personal data privacy. He does double-time as the CEO of mobile security experts Copperhead and as the head organizer of the non-profit Privacy Advocacy, Toronto Crypto. On his downtime when he's not saving the world from the ever encroaching surveillance state, you can usually catch him jumping off a stage at a local punk concert.

Prof. Dr. Simon Schlauri
Ronzani Schlauri Attorneys

Simon Schlauri is among the most renowned experts in Swiss ICT legal realm and regularly publishes about data protection and data security matters. He is experienced in defending user’s rights and
active in many Swiss digital rights initiatives and heads the initiative for network neutrality in Switzerland.

Till Adam

Till Adam is a technologist with a liberal arts background who currently serves as the CCO for the KDAB group and as the Managing Director for its German subsidiary. KDAB is the world's leading provider of consultancy and training around Qt, C++ and OpenGL. Till has made technical contributions to several Free Software projects and presented and published on technical and non-technical topics since the 90s. He was a founding board member of Kolab Systems and advises young companies on technology and business matters, mostly in Berlin.

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