Introducing the NotarySERVER
Trade securely, protect your assets and email cryptocurrency to anyone.
Your gateway to notary-backed digital assets, including files and NTC cryptocurrency accounts. Arrange the assignment of digital property successors; order files to be preserved or disclosed to specific persons or entities, determine digital files to be published to the general public at a pre-defined date in the future.
The secure NotarySERVER is based on a set of strong security principles.
The hardware of the NotarySERVER builds on the technologies developed transparently within the OpenPOWER Foundation. Open hardware and firmware together with the most secure Open Source operating systems are forming the platform. All software components are likewise always fully Open Source and built to the highest security standards.
Draft Technological Specification
The first iteration for the Notary Server will be built upon:

Hardware platform
IBM Power System S822LC

Software platform
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.3

Blockchain platform

User interface
NotarySERVER Client (built with Kolab)

(Note: Changes to the above specifications may be made before delivery. Components will generally be replaced by equivalent or better choices.)
Why OpenPOWER?

Watch Kolab Systems CEO Georg Greve explain why Kolab chose OpenPOWER during the OpenPOWER Summit Europe 2016:

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